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License Renewal Requirements for Electricians & Plumbers in Utah

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Both electricians and plumbers in Utah must complete a set number of hours of continuing education classes in order to renew their contractor licenses. The Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in Utah sets these rules to protect consumers and to help ensure the state has the most qualified contractors possible.

Although it may seem tiresome to plumbers and electricians to have to complete these hours of continuing education, the truth is that it helps elevate the reputation of all contractors in Utah. The continuing education requirement helps keep contractors informed of changes to code and changes in the industry, and it makes them better plumbers and electricians overall.

What Are the License Renewal Requirements for Electricians in Utah?

There are four types of licensed electricians in Utah: master electricians, residential master electricians, journeyman electricians, and residential journeyman electricians. Although journeymen electricians must perform their work under the supervision of a master electrician, they still must be licensed. That’s because to become an electrician, you must attend electrician school, but also log a certain number of hours of practical work.

Electricians in Utah are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education classes in order to renew their licenses. Licenses must be renewed every two years, so electricians have two years to fulfill this requirement. Of the 16 hours of CE for electrical contractors, 12 must be core, and the remaining can be professional.

The electrician school you attend to get your continuing education credits must be approved by the DOPL. When you’re searching for “electrician school near me,” remember that Flynn’s quickED provides DOPL-approved electrical continuing education courses in Utah.

What Are the License Renewal Requirements for Plumbers in Utah?

Similar rules apply to plumbers. There are four types of plumbers, and all need to be licensed. Plumbing licenses are also good for two years. Plumbers, however, need to take 12 hours of plumbing continuing education classes, not 16, like electricians. Of these 12 hours, eight must be core, and the remaining can be professional.

Flynn’s quickED also provides a selection of DOPL-approved plumbing continuing online education classes to Utah contractors.

Accredited Electrical and Plumbing Continuing Education Class Provider

Flynn’s quickED offers plumbing and electrical continuing education classes online and in person for electricians and plumbers who need to satisfy their licensure requirements. We even offer a hybrid option for those who want to take some of their requirements online and some

in person. We know that one style of learning is not right for every person, so that’s why we offer alternatives. Some people find it easier to learn from a live instructor in class, while others enjoy online classes’ convenience.

At Flynn’s quickED, our goal is to make it easy for you to get your license renewal. Our instructors are well-informed, helpful, and friendly, so if you have any questions or need extra help, you’ll always feel comfortable asking.

Sign up for plumbing or electrical continuing education classes online or in person today, or contact Flynn’s quickED in Utah for more information.

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