Vital Study Habits for Contractor’s License Exam

When it comes to any form of contractor’s license exam, whether for an initial license, renewal, or the addition of certain certifications to your license, studying is an important task. And while the subject matter will obviously differ from many of the subjects you studied in places like high school or college, some of the most important study and learning habits will be relatively similar or even identical.

At QuickED, we’re proud to offer numerous resources in this realm, from contractor license classes and renewal programs to forms of continuing education for clients throughout Utah. Whether you’re studying for your first-ever contractor’s license exam, an exam renewal, or any other testing format, here are some basics we recommend when it comes to quality study habits.

study habits contractor's license exam

A Real-Time Investment

Becoming a contractor is a detailed, challenging pursuit, and it’s not something you can accomplish in your spare time or with only a few hours of study every now and then. In order to truly become a successful contractor, you’ll have to make this pursuit something you invest time in each and every day.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to devote several hours each day, but it does mean you should treat your studies with the respect and seriousness they deserve by dedicating a certain amount of time each day to them. Of course, since life doesn’t always work out as planned, you should also allow yourself the freedom to adjust your study schedule as necessary; if something comes up that requires more of your attention or forces you to put off studying for later, then by all means, do so.

Generally speaking, we recommend allotting even more time than you think you’ll need. This is because when you commit to a schedule beforehand, it’s generally easier for this schedule to fall through. However, if you set aside time each day and then add on a little extra in case something comes up, you’ll be much more likely to achieve your study goals.

Create a Quality Study Space

A major factor in the quality of your study time and the amount of information you’re able to retain is your study environment. Without the proper conditions to support your studies, you’ll likely find it much harder to concentrate and absorb information than if you were in a space that wasn’t distracting or noisy.

The best way for you to come up with an ideal study environment is to take some time to determine what makes studying easier for you. For instance, if it’s a lot less stressful for you to study in a quiet room, but you prefer studying with background noise such as music, then be sure you choose the option that will benefit your studies more.

When creating your study environment, also consider things like lighting and temperature. For instance, if your home is too hot or cold during certain seasons, be sure to take measures to ensure your studying space is comfortable.

Also, be sure you have the proper surfaces and materials to support your studies. This means having access to things like computer equipment, reference materials, and textbooks.

Get Plenty of Sleep

While the practice of sacrificing sleep for studies has been glorified in some circles, this is not a positive habit for prospective contractors to get into. Getting the right amount of sleep prior to studying allows you to approach your studies with a more open mind and a clear head, which means you’ll be much better able to absorb information and make sense of it.

To develop an ideal sleeping schedule, first think about what time you need to wake up and then work backward. If you need to get up by 6 AM, for instance, figure out the latest time you can go to bed to get at least six hours of sleep so you won’t struggle when trying to wake up in the morning.

This will allow you to have enough energy when it comes time for studying without feeling groggy. It also means you’ll be well-rested for whatever activities or challenges come your way later that day.

Utilize Exam Prep Resources

Whether you’re thinking about our contractor’s license classes or any other form of licensing exam or certification, there are a number of great resources out there for you to study with that can make studying for these exams easier and help you do better on them.

Determining which of these is best for you will come down to a few different factors, including what you’re studying for and how often. For instance, if you only need to focus on a few areas of study once in a while rather than regularly, you can probably get away with using online classes as your sole resource for study. However, if you know there’s some specific information on the exam that may be difficult for you, or you’re looking for more self-guided study, be sure to check out all of your options and then use what works best.

Take Practice Exams

Like many other tests or exams, you may have taken at some point in your life, the best way to prepare yourself for contractor’s license exams is by taking practice exams. These will help you become more accustomed to the style and format of the tests and give you a good idea of what kinds of information, questions, or problems you’ll be asked about on test day.

If possible, take your practice exams in the same type of setting you’ll take your actual tests. For instance, if you’re studying at home, try taking a few practice exams in a space that’s a lot like the one you’ll be in when you actually take yours. This will help familiarize yourself with what to expect and make the transition from testing preparation to taking your exam much smoother.

For more on the ideal study habits to maintain for any prospective contractor or even current contractors renewing or adding to their license, speak to the staff at QuickED and learn more about our programs.