Should You Buy Warehouse Space for Your Utah Contracting Business?

warehouse space contracting business

If you’re starting up a contracting business, there are a number of important considerations that will likely be on your mind. One of these, particularly as you’re planning for the future, is whether to look into purchasing warehouse space or other property that can be used as a workspace, office or for related needs. At […]

On Process Standardization for Your Contracting Business

process standardization contracting business

There are a few buzzwords that often play a significant role in how contractors and contracting business owners manage their time and projects, and the theme of standardization is a common one. The more a given contracting business can standardize certain processes and needs across the board, the easier many areas of operations will be […]

Building a Portfolio to Increase Your Contracting Client Base

building portfolio contracting client base

For any contractor looking to get their new contracting business off the ground, attracting new clients and building a client base is a vital part of this approach. There are several methods you might go about while doing so, and one of the most well-known and useful in many cases is building a strong portfolio […]

Considering Financing for Your Utah Contracting Business

considering financing contracting business

When starting any kind of business, including a contracting company, you’ll typically need a reasonable sum of money for startup and associated costs. There are a few ways you may go about obtaining these funds, and one of the most common is through one of a few different forms of financing. At QuickED, we’re happy […]

Signs of Shoddy or Untrustworthy Subcontractors

signs shoddy untrustworthy subcontractors

If you’re the owner or operator of a contracting business, chances are you regularly deal with subcontractors for various needs. Selecting quality partners in this area is very important, as poor subcontractors may lead to several issues, from shoddy work to projects that aren’t completed on time and more. At QuickED, we’re happy to offer […]

Adding a Classification to Your Contractor’s License

adding classification contractor's license

The contracting world is one that’s varied and versatile, and the various classifications within a contractor’s license reflect this reality. There are dozens of different specific classifications that contractors might carry on their license, representing their specific training in that field and their ability to provide services to customers within it. At QuickED, we’re here […]