Continuing Education

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Continuing Education

Continuing your education can be an exciting and overwhelming decision to make. Many of us have busy schedules and current jobs to keep up with, which makes continuing education a challenge and sometimes so discouraging that some people never take that important step to finding the career path that makes them happy. Continuing education schools do not always make for an easy decision either, because of rigid class meeting schedules.

Flexible schedules & professional staff are what set us apart from other continuing education schools

quickED is a continuing education provider that offers schedules that are flexible and easy for you to commit to. Our continuing education instructors understand that furthering your education is as equally important as keeping up with your current obligations, and they are here to help you achieve your continuing education objectives quickly and effectively. Do not put off this important decision for too long; quickED’s continuing education advisors are available to help you choose the perfect schedule for you. Call us today at 866-467-9955 and let us assist you in your continuing education needs.

  • Reduce You Risks - Ensure that every area of your business is covered and utilize quickED’s knowledge and expertise to increase yours!

    Health Insurance/Health Care Reform – Become more familiar with terminology and types of health plans.

    Risk Management – OSHA 300, logs safety and employee manuals, accident reports, workers compensation and so much more!

    Regulatory Compliance – Covering everything from what is an independent contractor to employee management, time management and job costing.

    OSHA and Safety Information – Not your everyday OSHA class, our interactive class will keep you on the edge of your seat as you expand your knowledge on what to expect and how to prepare.

    Business Auto Insurance – Leaving you wanting more, this class kicks Business Auto Insurance up a notch making it relevant to contractors and opening your eyes to exclusions you might have never known existed.